Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Puppy Training Book Review

Puppy Training Book Review

I have to admit, I'm an info junkie. I browse the Internet and my local book stores looking for books on Pomeranian puppy training, dog training in general or about other types of Pets I'd like to own one day (such as a Parot).

This happened over the last weekend when I purchased the eBook, "How To House Train Any Dog". Even though I do most of my own Pomeranian puppy training, I love to read about them.

Over the years I've bought a number of these ebooks. I have to say that most of them have been worth the money because I've always came away with information that either I did not know or had forgotten a long time ago!

I was not dissapointed with "How To House Train Any Dog". I learned 2 tricks in this ebook that I had not tried before when training pomeranian puppies. I also liked that the author has a 100% satisfaction guarantee- that says something about the Author!

See, even old dogs like myself can learn a new trick every now and

I wrote about the basics of house breaking/training Pomeranian puppies in my post below, but this book has several great ideas that will cut the time to house break considerably. I've started using several of the ideas on my little guy "Samson". (that's Sampson in the upper right)

My niece is moving into her own place next month. She called and wanted to get a house dog and asked me for my advice....of course I told her to get a Pomeranian puppy! I'm also going to buy another copy of "How To House Train Any Dog" and send her! (because I know she'll be calling me with a hundred or more

Check it out for yourself, especially if you have a new Pomeranian puppy or a dog you're wanting to house train.

Click here for "How To House Train Any Dog".


bb said...

Thanks for recommending this book! I had a stubborn Pomeranian puppy and the tips I got from this book helped me finally get control of this little boy! He was able to finish his training without any more hangups!

BrieWolf said...

Can you help me with tips for a pom pup who's not eating a lot? :(

vinnie said...

Hi, i'm sort of new to your blog, but i've read it and i really enjoy the info on it... please continue to write and share your knowledge with us "newbies" =]